15 June / 18:00
Philharmonic Hall
Chamber orchestra CHAARTS, Switzerland

Chamber Orchestra CHAARTS (CH – code of Switzerland and Chamber Artists «performers of chamber music»), despite its quite short history, has become a very significant phenomenon on the European music scene.

CHAARTS is a collective of like-minded people, outstanding musicians of Europe, who gather together to perform concerts. In the idea of CHAARTS is the concept of solo, chamber and orchestral performance tradition.
The level of musicians allow the orchestra work without one particular conductor. Each project is conducted under the supervision of team members, and all the members also perform as soloists.
The orchestra includes such famous musicians as Alexander Sitkovetsky (England / Russia), Corinne Chappell (England), Bozo Paradzhik (Croatia), Razvan Popovici (Romania), Kiril Kravtsov (Russia/Germany) and others.
In two concerts of the season CHAARTS have performed with such outstanding soloists as Martha Argerich, Oliver Schneider, Gilles Apap, Aleksey Igudesman, Alina Pogostkina, Benjamin Schmidt, Nikolai Znaider, Patricia Kopachinskaya, Sol Gabetta, Jens Peter Maintz, Thomas Demenga, Maurice Steger and others.

Neue Zürcher Zeitung:

Can the music intoxicate? Yes, maybe that was confirmed a concert at the Tonhalle Zurich. Most of the audience left the building of Tonhalle in a state of euphoria and excitement. The attitude to music performance, variety of sound palette, live music-making, pulsating interpretation caused desire to listen to a concert again and again.