16 June / 14:00
Chamber Theatre - main stage
"Autumn of My Springtime"

Playwright, Director, Stage-Designer, Puppet-Designer, Costume-Designer - Rezo Gabriadze

Phonogram  – Rezo Gabriadze, Ellen Japaridze

Animators – Vladimir Meltser, Tamar Amirejibi, Badri Gvazava, Irakli Sharashidze, Ana Nijaradze

Sound – Zurab Nadaraia

Light - Mamuka Bakradze

Puppet Makers – Shmagi Savaneli, Luka Gonashvili, Vladimir Meltser

Duration: 90 minutes

Premiered in Lausanne (Switzerland) in 2001

Not recommended for children under 10.

This is a tale of Boria, a mischief-making magpie who is something of a boaster, drinker and shameless flirt. But he is also full of love. His loyalty to grandma Domna, and his desire to alleviate her poverty spurs Boria to set off on a journey to rascal’s paradise filled with wrecked cars, crowded suburbs, old cinemas and susceptible banks.
“The Autumn of my Springtime” is an emotionally rich story about a far-off world, trailing through centuries of dreams, memories, despair,fury and happiness. A magical use of puppetry, Georgian folk-songs, ancient chants and exotic dance.

Rezo Gabriadze  - a writer, stage and film director, producer and puppeteer. He  is also a painter, sculptor and master of book illustrations. His exhibits have been shown in many galleries all over the world. He is the author of more than 30 films.

In 1981 Rezo Gabriadze founded Marionette Theatre in Tbilisi, capital of Georgia. It is not a theatre for children, and the puppets do not speak with childish  voices. These stories are real and surreal, credible and fabulous. It is a theatre of one author – Rezo Gabriadze – who writes scripts and makes marionettes. The performances staged here were: ”Alfred and Violetta”, “Marshal de Fantier’s Diamond”, “Daughter of The Trabizond Emperor”, “The Autumn of my Springtime”, “The Battle of Stalingrad”. All these performances have thrilled the spectators  all around the world: UK, France, Germany, Russia, Ukraine, Switzerland, Italy, Spain, Mexico, Norway, Holland, Canada,  USA at the Kennedy Centre in Washington, the Lincoln Center in New-York, at Spoletto Festival in Charleston , Edinburgh Festival in the UK  etc.

The New York Times:

It is a rare theater artist who reminds you of no one else, whose work sounds its own note on the tuning fork of your theatergoing experience. Rezo Gabriadze is one of such…

Financial Times:

These and other characters are all marionettes, less than 33ft.tall, and some tiny. And yet their scenes have a more heart-stopping sense of drama than most plays with real actors.