15 June / 18:00
Voronezh Academic Drama Theatre A.Koltsov - big stage
Anton Chekhov "Uncle Vanya"



Set and Costume Designer – Adomas Yatsovskis

Composer – Faustas Latenas

Lighting Designer – Maya Shavdatuashvili

Make-up – Olga Kalyavina

Sound Design – Ruslan Kryachko

Assistant to Director – Natalia Menshikova

Performed by: Vladimir Simonov, Anna Dubrovskaya, Evgeniya Kregzhde/Maria Berdinskikh, Lyudmila Maksakova, Sergei Makovetsky, Vladimir Vdovichenkov/Artur Ivanov, Yury Kraskov, Galina Konovalova, Sergei Epishev.

Premiered: September 2, 2009

Duration - 3 hours with intermission.

«Uncle Vanya» is the Winner of the Golden Mask Award as «DRAMA/ BEST LARGE SCALE PRODUCTION» (2011) and was nominated for the Golden Mask Award in nominations «Best Director», «Best Actor» (Sergei Makovetsky, Vladimir Simonov), «Best light designer» and «Best designer».

 «Uncle Vanya» was awarded the «Crystal Turandot» (Best performance of season 2009 – 2010) and the Stanislavsky Award (2010).

Rimas Tuminas’s production was enthusiastically greeted by Moscow critics – not only for its undoubted merits but also because «Uncle Vanya» gave a positive response to the ‘accursed question’: is it possible at all to breathe life into a half-dead academic theatre today? Yes, it’s possible, answers the Vakhtangov Theatre but only in case there is a powerful director that is able to sweep his actors along with him. In Uncle Vanya there are a lot of witty solutions and paradoxical psychological moves. Rimas Tuminas seems to reflect Chekhov’s ‘scenes of rural life’ in secret false mirrors of otherness, and for this reason his performance turned out to be darkly eccentric. And you ask yourself: is it really that those on the stage are not ghosts of the country seat?

Newspaper Izvestiya:

Generally speaking, Tuminas made quite a simple thing. He presented all the characters of the play, from Serebryakov to Voinitsky without exception, as unlucky people overcoming their complexes (everyone does it in his/her own way). He uncovered and enlarged this hidden theme of Chekhov’s play… The scenic caricatures set to music by Faustas Latenas partly remind divertissement or a sort of freaks’ parade that have to live under the same roof with each other. But from time to time these freaks reveal something different from their complexes. Some enlightenness… 

Rimas Tuminas was born on the 20th of January 1952 in Kelme (Lithuania). In the years 1970 – 1974 he studied at the Conservatory of Lithuania. He graduated from the faculty of directory at the Russian Academy of Dramatic Arts. He made his debut in the Lithuanian theater of drama with the performance ofJanuary based on Jordan Radichkov’s play. His first Moscow production was the Sonatina For a Peacock by Osvald Zahradnik (1979) performed in the Stanislavsky Theatre. He has more than twenty productions on the Russian and European scenes. Since the year 2007 he is the artistic director of the Moscow Vakhtangov Theatre.

Vakhtangov Theatre is a Moscow drama theatre existing since 1921 as the Third Studio of the Moscow Art theatre, and in 1926 renamed after its founder and leader Evgeniy Vakhtangov. In 1922 Evgeniy Vakhtangov produced the legendary "Princess Turandot" performance after the tale by Carlo Gozzi, which allowed to speak about Vakhtangov’s own director's method of “fantastic realism”. After the death of Vakhtangov such directors as Jury Zavadsky, Alexey Popov, Nikolay Akimov, Ruben Simonov and Boris Zahava worked at the theatre. Rimas Tuminas is presently the art director of the theatre. Today, the theater’s repertoire consists of over twenty plays by Russian and foreign playwrights. This theatre is well known both in Russia and abroad and participates in important international theatrical festivals in Israel, Spain and Italy.

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