14 June / 17:00
Chamber Theatre - main stage

«... When finally I get there, where it is so warm and calm, to the place I hurried to, I dropped the suitcases, I fall into the soft bed and close my eyes. But before falling asleep, I go through the fragments of my journey in my memory. And suddenly I feel sad because this long day came to the end so quickly».

Monoperformance «GO!» invites us to plunge into the world of memories of an old woman. Inspired by the simplicity with which the great people, whether it's a great artist or a neighbor's old, are able to go away, based on many road sketches, "Go!" tells the story about the loneliness of those who travel in these memoirs, and with admiration and tenderness touches the theme of death.

With the help of ordinary objects and paper tape the heroine tells us her story, creating fragile and ephemeral images.

The newspaper «Kommersant»:

Living in France, our young compatriot Polina Borisova makes a touching and truthful story about saying goodbye to the life by an old woman.

…Is it Puppet Theater? Rather - what is called the theatre of objects. But certainly not dramatic, which has long since lost the ability to simply and memorably wound to the heart.

Polina Borisova is a graduate of the Faculty of Puppet Theatre SPbGATI, specialty «Designer of Puppet Theatre». Cum laude graduated from ESNAM (French High School Puppet Arts) in Charleville Mezieres. There she created two performances: solo «Lego» on the story by Philip Doran (2006) and diploma performance «Je suis ce que je vois» with pedagogical support of Joe LaCrosse (2008).

In December 2010 Polina came under the wing of the theatre Pupella-Nogues and the Center Odradek for a six-month professionalization - and there she created «GO!».