12 June / 18:00
Chamber Theatre - main stage
based on the story "The River Potudan" by Andey Platonov

The human story

Set designer – Valentina Serebrennikova

Cast: Ivan Brovin, Anna Donchenko, Vladimir Karpov, Alessandra Dzhuntini.

Duration: 1 hour 30 minutes without intermission.

«Potudan» based on the stories by Andrey Platonov («The River Potudan» and «Yushka») is a play about people - those who don’t exist nowadays. People who overcame the revolution, famine and terrible war. The actors were focused on the production of psychological theatre of the Platonov's world, where people are full of feelings of universal scale, but these feelings don't fit in a poor, rushing to pieces matter of bodies and words.

«Etud-theatre» is a theatre company that was created by Professor Veniamin Filshtinsky. It was based on the final year of Saint Petersburg State Theatre Arts Academy. Now it’s the youngest theatre of St. Petersburg thatt was opened March 19, 2011. Now the theatre doesn’t have a permanent stage, but there are already seven performances in its repertoire.

The director Semen Serzin is also a graduate of the course of Veniamin Filshtinsky. Among his directorial work in 2011 there are «The Dance of Delhi» by I. Vyrypaev, «Talk radio» by E. Bogosian, «I'll die for the theatre» by K. Shimizu and others - including »Potudan» based on the Platonov's prose.