6 June / 19:00
Opera and Ballet Theatre
Theatre company NoGravity (Italy)
Theater company NoGravity (Italy)
Director - Emiliano Pellisari
Duration – 2 hours with intermission


The production is dedicated to Leonardo da Vinci and to the 500th anniversary of his death. In bizarre choreography the images created by the Italian genius come to life: “Madonna in the Grotto”, “The Last Supper”, “Vitruvian Man”, “Mona Lisa” ...


The ensemble performs music of the Renaissance, and acrobats, as if not subject to the laws of gravity, soar above the stage. NoGravity creates a “miracle theatre” and demonstrates the capabilities of the Renaissance machinery, which still amaze the imagination.


In 2017, this theatre showed the performance "Aria" at the Platonov Festival, the audience was very interested in it: to accommodate everyone, an additional show was organized.


“NoGravity demonstrates the impossible - the complete freedom of hovering, rotating and moving artists in a small stage space.”


Petersburg Theatre Journal