11 June / 19:00
Voronezh concert hall - big stage
Omar Razhekh Company | Maqamat (Lebanon)
Choreographer - Omar Rajeh
Duration – 1 hour wothout intermission
The performance of modern dance has no plot in the usual sense


The performance interacts with modern choreography, a drone equipped with a video camera, and a sound environment inspired by Aleppo's musical heritage.


For about a thousand years, the minaret of the Great Mosque of Aleppo towered over the largest city of Syria. Now it lies in ruins. The once-existing “monument” represented the soul of the city. The monumental portrait of his cultural, social and religious history has witnessed the life of many generations.


This performance is a protest against the destruction of one of the oldest cities in the world. #minaret asks a key question to everyone. How do we behave and how do we deal with “stupor” when faced with the destruction of entire cities and violence against an individual?


“Sustainability of culture and traditions is expressed in dance. Each of the dancers performs an exciting solo. Previously, the drone could knock them down: now they are again in an upright position. Like a minaret. Like proud people who don’t give up”.

Het Parool (Netherlands)