10 June / 17:00
Chamber Theatre - main stage
based on the novel "The River Potudan" by Andey Platonov


Restoration of senses in one act

Set designer - Boris Orlov

Cast: Ekaterina Kisten, Boris Orlov, Vladimir Kuznetsov, Svetlana Basha, Ekaterina Varchenko, Denis Martynov, Yuri Yakusha.

Duration: 1 hour 40 minutes

«Happiness» is the winner of the Theatre Prize «Kyiv Pectoral» in the nomination «Best Performance of 2011» and «Best Newcomer 2011» (Boris Orlov).

The human ability and need to love determines the presence of a living soul. Is it always makes a man happy? Nikita’s Love to Lyuba was so big for a single heart, that at the crucial moment for a man deprived of his natural will to his own pleasure, «because it turns out that we must be able to enjoy, and Nikita can not torment Luba for his happiness ...» When you do not have the courage to be happy yourself, perhaps it will suffice at least not to interfere with happiness close, dear man? And even if, contrary to oblivion constrained nature lovers still find themselves happy if they can remain so - to resist the flow of Time, «... that far stretched over the river Potudan»?

The New Drama Theatre (Theatre on Pechersk) was born as a group of graduates trained at the Karpenko-Kary Institute for the Art of the Theatre and Cinema, Kiev, the group of master-class, professor N.Rushkovsky. 1999 The New Drama Theatre was founded.

There are 12 actors in the company. The leader of theatre – Art director and manager is Alexander Kryzhanovsky, who works with this group since 1995, being a performer at the master-class. The middle age of the actors is 25-30 years old.

The company was a recipient of the Kievs’ka Pectoral’ award for “Master and Margarita” by M. Bulgakhov and “The Lamancha’s Man”. They have performed in famous international theatre festivals (Russia, Germany, GB).

Many of the actors have been participants of Master-class of a contact improvisation and Tango Argentina’s. The theatre held a contact with a Cultural Centers of Sweden, Italian, Russian, Argentina’s embassies, Goethe-Institute, Germany.  All of them have been filming a lot.

The New Drama Theatre’s repertoire is mainly based on classic authors (international) and we use a famous modern novels and plots as well. The average age of our onlookers is 17-30 y.o. We attract to collaboration the famous names of stage and screen, jazz musicians, artists.  The theatre is rapidly becoming a centre for artistic and creative enterprises.

Andrey Bilous - director of the Kyiv State Academic Theatre of Drama and Comedy on the left bank of the Dnieper, the teacher of directing and acting, laureate of the State Prize of Dovzhenko and the prize «Kyiv Pectoral». From 2009 - Artistic Director of Theatre «Theatre Workshop of Andrey Bilous».