17 June / 19:00
The V.Volhovsky Puppet Theatre
Barrel organ
Andrei Platonov
Actor and Puppet Theatre "Petrushka" (Surgut)
Director - Galina Koptyaeva
Duration – 1 hour 30 minutes without intermission


The hero of the play, Alyosha, is an inventor, a creative person. Together with the girl Myud and the iron man Kuzma, made by Alyosha for agitation, they go to a brighter future, but come to a stuffy bureaucratic office.


The performance is a reflection on life, a search for an answer to the question about the place of a creative person in the world, about the strength of the human soul, about the difficulties in the way of self-knowledge. An attempt, together with the directors of the play, to answer the question: is it possible to pass all the trials of fate (power, money, love) and at the same time remain ourselves.