5 June / 21:30
Central Market Square
Street Dance Theatre Il Posto (Italy)
Festival opening
Free admission
Duration – 50 minutes


Want to see how the facade of the Azimut Hotel turns into a scene? The performance "Giant" will demonstrate such a transformation in full. This is a vertical dance show on climbing cables, where the wall is the only surface that artists touch. In addition to choreography, video projections and live music are used in an extreme and emotional performance.


Il Posto is Italy's first company to specialize in productions created specifically for vertical surfaces. It originated in Venice in 1994, when choreographer Wanda Moretti and musician Marco Castelli joined forces to work on “vertical” performances that mix dance, music and architecture. Thanks to them, the dramaturgy of the play is integrated into the street space, transforming it and changing the audience’s attitude towards it.