9 June / 13:00
The V.Volhovsky Puppet Theatre
"Who are you? I know you!"
based on the stories by Andrey Platonov

Scenery, dolls - Lubov Borisovskaya

Execution of puppets (wood, linden) - Oleg Torbeev

Musical arrangement - Nadezhda Evdokimova

Running time - 1 hour 10 minutes.

Premiered on March 25, 2005.

The play is recommended for older students and adult audiences.

The play «Who are you? I know you!» is based on the stories by Andrey Platonov: «Iron Old Lady», «Flower on the Earth», «Nikita», «Dry Bread». This performance is an appeal to the military theme, it is a story about the five-year old boy who lives in the village during the World War II. Just two days of the life of Nikita, but they include the history of Russia, the story of a ruined world, fragments of which tries to understand and connect the main character. This is the story of orphanhood: Nikita’s and Russia’s. 

The dolls in the performance is a kind of expressive means, they emphasize the time of the performance. They are the «dolls of Andrey Platonov», skillfully carved from linden.
In 2006 the play received the Honorary Diploma of the I All-Russia competition of performances promoting the ideas of patriotism and also became the winner of the IV International Film Festival «GOLDEN KNIGHT» (Bronze diploma and a statuette of «Bronze Knight»).

Vladimir Zlobin - Director, Head of the director’s course of the Kirov branch of the Perm Cultural Institute. He was the chief director of the Kemerovo Drama Theatre, the chief director of Dzerzhinsky Drama Theatre in Nizhny Novgorod region and from 2004 to 2011 worked as the chief director of the A. Afanasyev Puppet Theatre in Kirov .