13 June / 19:00
Book Club Petrovskiy
Meet-the-artist event with Tatiana Voltskaya
“Poetry exists and it concerns everyone”
Free entrance


Tatiana Voltskaya is a poet, journalist, and literary critic. Her poems have been translated into Swedish, Dutch, Finnish, Italian, English, and Lithuanian.


Author of ten books of poems: “Arrow” (1994), “Shadow” (1998), “Cicada” (2002), “Cicada” (London, 2006), “Trostdroppar” (Stockholm, 2009), “Tatiana’s letter” (2011), “From the Varangians to the Greeks” (2012), “Corner of Nevsky and Kreshchatyk” (Kiev, 2015), Selected works (2015), “In the light fire. Poems” (2017). Laureate of Pushkin’s grant (Germany, 1999), laureate of the award of the magazine “Zvezda” (2003) and award of the magazine “Interpoezia” (2016).