9 June / 20:00
Green theatre
World Music in the Green Theatre
Ana Moura (Portugal)
Miroca Paris and band (Cabo-Verde)
The Green Theatre in the Central Park


The concert unites two performers, who sing in Portuguese, but live on different continents. The audience will hear the melancholic European romances and the fiery rhythms of Africa.


Ana Moura (Portugal)


One of the best modern singers of fado – the Portugal lyric song, which is characterized by a combination of feelings of loneliness, nostalgia and love longing. The unique voice and style of performance which is called fadista conquered the hearts of listeners from all over the world.


Ana Moura gave solo concerts at Carnegie Hall in New York and the Barbican Center in London, performed with The Rolling Stones in Lisbon and Prince in Paris.


She is the winner of the awards "Amalia" and "Golden Globe" in the nomination "Best Performer". Her concert album Desfado received the award "Amalia" in the nomination "Best Album of the Year" in 2014. Ana Moura was awarded the title of Commander of the Order of the Infante, Don Enrique in 2015.


Miroca Paris and band (Cabo-Verde)


For 11 years, Miroca Paris had performed with Cesaria Evora. After her death, he was a long time in the orchestra named after this great singer. But as a solo artist Miroca is no less interesting.


He was nicknamed “The African Sting”. This charismatic singer and virtuoso percussionist mixes different styles in his music - fado, morna, kizomba, semba and samba ...


His concert in WOMAD in 2017–the main festival of world music –was an incredible success. His album D’Alma was recognized as the best album of 2018, according to World Music Charts Europe.