11 June / 10:00
Soviet square
Children's tent
Entrance is free

10:00 - game “Once upon a time” 

What did a cave man eat? What does “sphynx” mean? Why do people need a sarcophagus?  Who was the first Russian tsar? Historical games will give children  the answers to these questions and to many other questions. Children in mini-groups under the guidance of a tutor will play educational games “Once upon a time in Stone Age”, “Once upon a time in Crete” and “Once upon a time in Ancient Novgorod”. 

Publishing House “A Walk Through History”  



11:00 - workshop for children and adults on the book “When Grandmother and Grandfather Were Small”

This book is not only good for family reading but also for family pastime shared by  grandmothers and grandfathers, great-grandmothers and great-grandfathers with their grandchildren and great-grandchildren.  The book helps to return to the past, remember the past and live your life again.  It helps to share happy and sad, serious and funny, important and fleeting moments of your life with your young family members. It helps to tell the story of a person, family, city, country and the world.  The workshop offers an interactive talk to children and their parents and grandparents.

Publishing House “Polyandria”


13:00 - book theatre of Polyandria: look at the book “Imogene's Antlers” by David Small 

Interactive reading and workshop for children

For over thirty years, children all over the world have been reading a funny story about a girl who gets up one morning and sees that she has got antlers. Nobody could help her: not a doctor, not the headmaster, not an all-knowing brother of  Imogene … Imagine that something like this happens to you one day! What will you do? 

Publishing House “Polyandria” 


14:15 - workshop “Fairytale Birds in Books and Cartoons”  

Swallows have been living near people for a long time and it is not surprising that they have become characters of so many fairytales and legends.  The workshop is about fairytale and cartoon swallows as well as real swallows. The workshop tells a lot of interesting facts and teaches to draw swallows and to make a paper swallow.

Publishing House “Rare Bird”


16:00 - workshop “Clever Paper”

3D paper design without scissors and glue  

Workshop on card design and designs of dioramas based on famous fairy tales and stories.    

Company “Clever Paper”