11 June / 11:00
Soviet square
Children's tent
Entrance is free

11:00 – workshop “In the City of Good Deeds” based on children’s books by a publishing house “Career Press”

The participants of the workshop sculpture characters from books by “Career Press” and make their own short stories. They also learn the basics of claymation and take part in making their own short animation films using the stop motion technology.

Publishing house “Career Press”. For children of 6 years and above

12:30 – workshop based on a book “Great Book of Tales about Dragons”

The participants learn about different kinds of dragons, read tales and poems about them and also make dragon masks.

Publishing house “KompasGid”. For children of 6 years and above

13:30 – workshop “A Whale Swims North”

This is a fascinating creative activity for children that make the participants familiar with Aleutian mythology. We will also talk about creating a children’s illustration with the help of salt. During the workshop children are actively involved into discussion and also take part into a practical activity of coloring pictures of myth characters.

Publishing house “KompasGid”. For children of 7 years and above

15:00 – workshop “Family Trip to the Stars: from April 12, 1961 to 2016”

The participants of the workshop remember the history of space conquest, build a model of the Solar system, travel through the space and imagine what spaceship will look like in the future. Each participant writes their own message to future generations for the family archive.


Publishing house “Nastya and Nikita”. For children of 6 years and above