13 June / 12:00
Andrey Platonov’s monument
“Spacious Universe”
“Voronezh Is Not Complete without Andrey Platonov” program
Andrey Platonov's monument area

This year, Platonov festival will add yet another literature venue - the one next to Andrey Platonov’s monument, where Voronezh literary and artistic figures will be performing for three days. The program “Spacious Universe” (from Andrey Platonov’s poem “The world is born by a man’s smile…”) will take place from 12 to 14 June.

The program “Voronezh Is Not Complete without Andrey Platonov”, prepared by the Voronezh Division of the Union of Russian Writers and the Gymnasium named after Andrey Platonov, features reading extracts from reminiscences and articles about Platonov, reciting poems dedicated to the writer by such authors as Valentin Nervin, Sergey Popov, Arkady Presman, Galina Umyvakina and other poets. 

Gymnasium named after Andrey Platonov presents its school museum, dedicated to the writer, and shows literary, musical and dramatic compositions.