13 June / 22:00
Park “Alye Parusa“
«Midnight balance»
Theatrical open-air show

“Midnight Balance” is an open air performance, especially prepared by the theatre DEREVO for Platonov Arts Festival. It will be staged at the Festival night in the park “Alye Parusa”. The action will take place at three levels: on the sand, on the brim of a pond and in water.

DEREVO has already staged open air performances which were acclaimed by both critics and audience. In 2009 and 2010 the theatre DEREVO in collaboration with some visiting dancers, musicians and artists showed a unique performance in the historical city centre in Dresden. A new nocturnal world, full of motion and inspired by the local history, music, architecture and the pond itself, was born on the edges of the pond next to the Zwinger Palace.

“Several hundreds of spectators came to see “White Fortress” and what they had seen made them completely forget about bad weather and strong wind”.
Dresdner Morgenpost

The theatre DEREVO with its performance “White Garden” (an open air performance like “White Fortress”) opened the Dublin Fringe Festival (the largest festival in Dublin) in 2007.

“Midnight Balance” is a new performance by DEREVO which will be staged in Voronezh. The performance presupposes the participation of not only the theatre actors but also the participants of the workshop by Anton Adasinsky (in Voronezh State Academy of Arts).

“Dreams and fantasies in DEREVO’s silent performances are turned into real objects that seem to be a bit scary. In “Midnight Balance” the actors will create right on the sand the City of Memory full of usually unmentioned sins and people’s misdeeds. The people whom these sins and misdeeds belong to will see the seamy side of their lives. There will be a longing for hiding these awful things under the sand, but it will not be achieved due to the force of wind. The performance will prove that an ideal body and clean clothes are not enough for starting afresh. It will show that good and unexpected deeds are needed for starting afresh and turning our memory into “tabula rasa”. Only after all these there will be a chance to go in the pond already being clean. Only then the awful wreckage of the past will cease to be and children will play with the remains of this wreckage and the voices and laughter will become the kind of music that will never bore people”.
Anton Adasinsky

The theatre was founded in Leningrad, later it settled down in Germany and now its rehearsals take place on a regular base in Dresden. The performances of DEREVO are a success with the audience Dublin, Dresden and Edinburgh and it has a great number of prestigious awards: "Golden Mask" (2007), "Berlin Academy of Arts Award" (2000), Prix du Jury de Presse (Critics’ Award) at the International Festival of contemporary mime - MIMOS, Périgueux (France)" (2000), awards at Edinburgh Festival ("Fringe First" - the award was received twice, "Total Theatre Award" – the award was received twice, "Herald Angel" and "Herald Archangel").

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