13 June / 19:30
Voronezh concert hall - small stage
Ivan Bunin «Mitya's Love»

Lithuanian director Vladislav Nastavshev staged “Mitya’s Love” specially for “Gogol centre”- a dynamic place where coexist all types of modern art. It is one of the most popular Russian theatre centers among young people. In this center you can see disputes and lectures in discussion club “Gogol +”, world premieres of films which haven’t reached Russian market in club “Gogol-cinema”, big music concerts and performances of the brightest Russian and European directors.

“Gogol centre” is organized according to a special for Russian theatres system. Three residents were invited to work in the centre: “Dialogue Dance”, a well-known dance company, “SounDrama”, the studio that created a totally new aesthetic language and “Studio Seven”, one of the youngest theatre companies with huge potential, directed by Kirill Serebrennikov.

And actors of “Studio Seven” Filipp Avdeev and Aleksandra Revenko play the leading roles in the performance “Mitya’s Love”. Besides Aleksandra Revenko plays not only the role of Katya but all the characters with whom the main character meets (according to the plot Mitya sees a beloved in every passer-by).

“I wanted to show a state of a 17-year old teenager, who has such feelings at the first time and doesn’t understand what is happening. Love is a state in which you don’t tread the ground. It is an absolutely different dimension”, - says Vladislav Nastavshev. And to realize this wish an unusual decision was found.

For Vladislav Nastavshev, a laureate of National Lithuanian Theatre Award “Spelmanu nakts” (“Night of Dissemblers”) in nomination “Young stage master”, it isn’t the first time to refer to Ivan Bunin’s works. Vladislav likes working with Russian actors; he thinks that Bunin is in nature of Russian people. And it is much more interesting to see the performance “Mitya’s Love” in Bunin’s motherland.

“Two young actors - Filipp Avdeev and Aleksandra Revenko … play their characters with such an excitement and so passionately that you believe in the “feeling” between them at once”.
Nataliya Vitvitskaya, “Vash Dosug”

“Characters in the truest sense of the word climb the wall from passion or like Shagal’s beloved float above the ground. But more often these acrobatic sketches vividly show physical discomfort, anguish and painful tension of the first affection”.
Marina Shimadina, “Izvestiya”

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