13 June / 17:00
Chamber Theatre - main stage
Andrey Platonov «Fourteen Red Huts»

Within the closed performance rehearsal on the 3d Platonov Festival edition critics and experts have seen “Fourteen Little Red Huts”. This year “Fourteen Little Red Huts” will be included in the program as a completed production and as a competitor of “The Golden Mask” festival in the following categories: Best Small Scale Production, Best Director (Mikhail Bychkov) and Best Designer (Nikolai Simonov).

The action takes place in 1932 and originally the play was supposed to be a comedy, however during the process it transformed into a tragedy. The critics strongly suppose that this play and the other dramaturgic works of Platonov are extremely complicated for the staging. However in spite of this fact the performance has been going on successfully in Voronezh Chamber Theatre for about a year.

“There are no badly played parts and easy parts as well. I think that painstaking work stands practically behind every character of the play “Fourteen Little Red Huts” … That is why I say: “Bravo!” to the actors as they did their best”.
Anna Zhidkih, Voronezh newspaper “Bereg”

“Theatres will be put to the test by playwright Platonov. And it seems that the Chamber Theatre is going to pass this test as it is the second play play of this author staged in this theatre. After the brilliant absurd comedy "Fools on the Periphery” there appeared tragic farce about the end of the wrong great historical beliefs… Chamber Theatre has ventured to direct such a play”.

Alla Botnikova, newspaper “Voronezh courier”

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