12 June / 18:00
Voronezh concert hall - big stage
Amit Lahav «Missing»

Photo by Richard Haughton

Design - Rhys Jarman & Amit Lahav
Lighting - Chris Swain & Amit Lahav
Original Music and Sound - Dave Price
Assistant Director - Rich Rusk
Sound - Enzo Appetecchia
Stage - Matt O’Leary
Supported by Arts Council England
Co-commissioned by New Wolsey Theatre Ipswich in association with Warwick Arts Centre and DanceEast

“MISSING” is about how images from our memory burst into our real life.

“The story in Missing, Amit Lahav's new production for his company Gecko, is not the main element. But then, there is no main element: the work's distinctiveness comes from its mix of actors and dancers, sounds and images, subjects and scenarios, even of languages. The story is simple, occasionally simplistic: an ordinary woman (Georgina Robertson) recalls scenes from her life: a wedding day, learning flamenco, parties, parents' rows. The way it is told, though, is gripping. The stage is a swirl of shadows, from which figures loom fleetingly…these figures are as mutable as the mists around them, morphing into friends joshing in a nightclub or indifferent passers-by”.
The Guardian

“Missing is a reflection of these ideas - how our identity and memory interact and how central images from our childhood form major pillars in the construct of who we are. The show is played out in epic proportions both physically and emotionally. At the centre of Missing is a character called Lily whose soul is in decay. I have been fascinated by this idea for a number of years. I like the image of physically seeing someone’s soul and the idea that if you try to suppress your true identity, you get sick or a part of you begins to die. There is a violence to her journey which manifests in how Lily is yanked and bullied by her past and forced to face herself”.
Amit Lahav

Most part of the performance is speechless; still sometimes characters speak English, Spanish and Polish languages. Even without subtitles the text in no way hinders the understanding of the story, just the opposite – it adds new colors to the whole picture.

Founded in 2001, Gecko has become an award winning and internationally acclaimed company, led by Artistic Director Amit Lahav. With an expanding ensemble of international performers and makers, Gecko creates work through collaboration, experimentation and play. Gecko tour nationally and internationally and continue to develop strong partnerships around the world. Working across all age groups, nationalities and forms, the company celebrates diversity – it has taken its five critically acclaimed productions to over 20 countries, and continues to develop strong partnerships around the world. Gecko shows have been seen by over 45,000 spectators, and the company has conducted more than 50 participatory projects involving over 2500 young people, youth leaders and teachers.

Don’t miss “MISSING” -

“... a living, breathing patchwork quilt of visual illusions, multiple languages and original music (by Dave Price), which is at times both wonderfully uplifting and desperately sad ...”
Sally Stott, The Stage

“… a kind of restless delirium, dense with poetic effect.”

“… a landmark work”

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