11 June / 19:00
Opera and Ballet Theatre
«Still Current»
Sadler's Wells (London) / Russell Maliphant Production

Photo by Warren Du Preez & Nick Thornton Jones

Sadler's Wells (London) / Russell Maliphant Production  

Direction & Choreography: Russell Maliphant

Lighting Design: Michael Hulls

Composers: Armand Amar, Andy Cowton, Mukul & Erik Satie

Animation: Jan Urbanowski

Costume Design: Stevie Stewart

Video Programmer: Andy Downie

Collaborative Assistant: Dana Fouras

Dancers: Thomasin Gülgeç, Russell Maliphant, Dickson Mbi, Carys Staton

“Still Current” is a collaboration of widely acknowledged choreographer Russel Maliphant and masterful lighting designer Michael Hulls. In this ballet as the main characters act not only dancers but the light itself. Maliphant creates the new art form - he maintains an ongoing dialogue between movement and light. In Still Current you could enjoy his unique ensemble of dancers: Thomasin Gülgeç, Dickson Mbi and Carys Staton, and Russell Malipaht himself.

Russell Maliphant trained at The Royal Ballet School and graduated into Sadler’s Wells Royal Ballet before leaving to pursue a career in independent dance. Between 1991–1994 he studied anatomy, physiology and biomechanics, and qualified as a practitioner of the Rolf Method of Structural Integration (or Rolfing®) in 1994. These studies inform both his teaching and choreographic work, along with a diverse range of body practices and techniques including classical ballet, contact improvisation, yoga, capoeira and tai chi. Since 1994 he has collaborated closely with lighting designer Michael Hulls, evolving a language where movement and light are intimately connected and the meeting point becomes a new language in itself. He formed Russell Maliphant Company in 1996 and has also worked with renowned companies and artists including Sylvie Guillem, Robert Lepage, Isaac Julian, Balletboyz and Lyon Opera Ballet. Russel Maliphant’s works got a number of awards including Time Out Live award, South Bank Show dance award and Critics’ Circle National Dance award for best modern choreography.

“Russell Maliphant is now Britain’s leading modern dance creator”.
Daily Express

“Dancing bodies rarely look more beautiful than in the work of Russell Maliphant”.
The Guardian
“Carys Staton performs a yearning solo, full of sadness as well as sensuous beauty (…). It still provides some of the most beautiful images and profound ideas I’ve experienced in dance this year”.
The Telegraph

“Ex-Rambert star Thomasin Gulgec tumbles bonelessly through his mercurial solos, his body fast-forwarding and rewinding with uncanny facility. Break-dancer Dickson Mbi’s physique is a sculptor’s dream, as knotty and complex as the underside of a crab”.
Sunday Telegraph

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