10 June / 19:00
Voronezh concert hall - big stage
«Russian cosmos»
Based on the works by Andrey Platonov

The jazz and choreographic performance "Russian Cosmos" by Seppo Kantervo (Sergey Pronin) presents the theatre fantasy based on Andrei Platonov's prose. The director calls the play an allegorical narration "about the whole cosmic space put in a woman’s heart which is in love, and that the love is a great power. Keeping and protecting this feeling, people can make magic".

All the music of the performance is composed and played by the well-known jazzmen Andrei Kondakov and Vladimir VolkovVera Arbuzova, ballet dancer and choreographer, Meritorious Artist of Russia, the prize winner of "Golden Soffit" theatre award acts not only in the leading drama role, but she is also the choreographer of plastic miniatures. And the director plays one of the leading parts. Creative team of the performance made the piece mixture of jazz, choreography, drama and text.

The works of Sergey Pronin are noted by the state awards: he is the honored art worker of the Republic of Karelia, the winner of the All-Russian competition of film dramatic art (Mosfilm of 2006), the winner of the theatrical award "Onega Mask" (2005, 2007, 2010) and the winner of a gold medal of the joint theatrical Union of Finland (2010) and many others.

The name of the performance reflects one of the motives in Andrey Platonov's works: they are full of ideas of the Russian cosmism. According to these ideas, the person is an essential part of the space, the master of the Universe, the guarantor of observance of the moral principles, and love is a spiritual work. And the person’s role is to be in harmony with the world and surrounding people.

"Fedor performed by Sergey Pronin said:  "The man is knowledge and mind!".  Fro played by Vera Arbuzova showed that "the woman is beauty and feelings". The simplicity of the fundamental vital principles was emphasized by the duet music of Volkov and Kondakov".
Polina Vinogradova, newspaper "Sankt-Peterburgskie Vedomosti"

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