8 June / 19:30
Voronezh concert hall - big stage
Anton Adasinsky «Islands»

The avant-garde theatre group DEREVO has a list of guest performances planned for years ahead and is an active participant of the most prestigious festivals and forums. This summer it will show one of its most famous performances “Islands” in Voronezh.

As soon as DEREVO was founded in 1988 by Anton Adasinsky the European press started to call it "artistic point breaking through the Iron Curtain". The theatre was founded in St. Petersburg, later it settled down in Germany and now its rehearsals take place on a regular base in Dresden. The theatre is distinguished for its combination of pantomime, histrionics and dance. Critics claim that the theatre can be called “auteur theatre” (by analogy with auteur cinema).

The performances of DEREVO are a success with the audience in Edinburgh and they had a great number of prestigious awards: "Golden Mask" (2007), "Berlin Academy of Arts Award" (2000), Prix du Jury de Presse (Critics’ Award) at the International Festival of contemporary mime - MIMOS, Périgueux (France)" (2000), awards at Edinburgh Festival ("Fringe First" - the award was received twice, "Total Theatre Award" - the award was received twice, "Herald Angel" and "Herald Archangel").

"Islands" is a number of sketches about the eternal conflict between a dream and reality. Apart from plastics the main components of the performance are the dance, the music (by Roman Dubinnikov, composer) and the light (by Falk Dittrich). The light is used not only for creating a mise-en-scène but also for transforming the performance into an integral piece of art.

The performance was nominated for "Golden Mask" as "Innovation – Best Production" in 2003.

"They are clowns, the most professional performers who have managed to master the histrionics. Only a clown can explain the most difficult things in simple words, see and make others see the great in ordinary things, mix something funny and something dramatic, exaggerate and simplify. Doing all these, a clown never leaves the field of absolute performance".
Andrey Kirillov, "St. Petersburg theatre journal"

"The perfection of the form evokes memories of slab pictures ... Adasinsky does not flirt with the public and does not try to please..."
Olga Romantsova, Vesti.ru

“...Bravo, Derevo, for reminding us that it is better in this life to be heart-broken than heartless..."
Mary Brennan, "The Herald", Edinburgh

"People prefer to experience love, however fatal it may be, than living a whole lifetime without knowing it. The love story that DEREVO illustrates is so heart piercing and touching, that it makes audiences lovesick"
"Kookmin Ilbo", Seoul, Korea

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