8 June / 17:00
Voronezh Theatre For Young Spectators - main stage
Platonov night

Aleksandr Filippenko is a theatre and film actor who was honored with People's Artist of Russia. He has recently started to present one-man productions with himself as the only man on the stage. He brilliantly plays the parts of all characters and for this reason critics called him “the past-master of one-man performances”. It is said that Aleksandr Filippenko is an embodiment of the theatre itself, because he does well even without co-actors, directors and decorators. The actor says that he “just interprets theatre productions from the author’s language to the audience’s language”. Aleksandr Filippenko’s one-man performances have gained him the State Prize of the Russian Federation and a great number of awards at the festivals in the Czech Republic, Lithuania and Russia.

One of Filippenko’s favorite authors is Andrey Platonov, that’s why his performance (titled "Platonov night") at the 4th Platonov Arts Festival edition will be dedicated to Platonov’s works.

Aleksandr Filippenko is the artistic director of his own theatre project "Mono-Duet-Trio". He was a member of Taganka Theatre and he was working at Vakhtangov Theatre for 20 years. His prolific career includes roles in more than 80 movies (“Torpedo Planes”, “My friend Ivan Lapshin”, Azazello in “Master and Margarita” by Vladimir Bortko, Koroviev in “Master and Margarita” by Yuri Kara, etc.) and more than 10 one-man shows.

“He, who has played numerous villains, has always seemed a good-hearted and fair artist. I have seen very few actors like him who are so genuinely happy for the opportunity to be on the stage and express freely their thoughts and emotions”.
Marina Davydova, “Izvestia”

“His intonation, extraordinarily ingenious, almighty and charming gestures and facial expressions, his lean body and the valiant atmosphere around him (when we mention it we can easily visualize an army of the all villains that he has created in a number of movies and performances) – all this make us think that his acting can be compared with such masterpieces as works by Mikhail Zoshchenko and Nikolai Gogol”.
Grigory Zaslavsky, “Nezavisimaya Gazeta”