7 June / 13:00
Chamber Theatre - main stage
«May Night»
based on the works by Nikolai Gogol

The unique project “May night” by Lithuanian director Karolina Žernytė is very interesting and creative experiment that unites blind and sighted people in a theatre auditorium.

“Performance with closed eyes” - as it often called - turns the audience into participants of theatrical ritual: they listen, feel, touch, smell and taste, their reaction is important for further development of action. Blindfolds and actors’ proficiency help you to feel yourself in the heart of Ukrainian night, not in an auditorium. To increase the participation effect for the "audience" the artist of the performance, Paulina Neshucaytite, developed special wheel chairs which actors roll on a hall during performance.

Representatives of “All Russia Association of the Blind” are people who know about problems and needs of those who can’t see this world as most of us see it. They took part in rehearsals, advised actors.

“May night” is very popular with the audience and professionals. The performance was nominated for the National Theatre Award “Golden Mask” as “Experiment” (season 2012-2013).

“Like a child I always wanted to change the world. When I see happy faces of actors and the blind, I feel that I made it a little bit better. The audience should have positive emotions after the performance. And I think we manage with it”.
Karolina Žernytė

“They <actors> create audio environment and everyday world without music, but with the help of choir and everyday noises. For a moment they touch their main audience, let them feel a texture of a flower or a doll, combed hair or wolf’s claws, a light wind or bushes. There is also smell of food in the feast scene, a movement of the air and water drops… Actors set around the audience, surround them with sounds and touch, excite their sensuality”.
Pavel Rudnev, “The Golden Mask” expert           

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