5 June / 17:00
Lenin square
«Transports Exceptionnels. Duo for a dancer and an excavator»

Transports Exceptionnels is an unexpected duo between a dancer and an excavator, a poetic twenty minutes dialogue between a man and a huge machine, between iron and flesh, on opera music. After having performed in the world’s most extraordinary places, such as the square in front of Sydney’s Opera House or in Monaco’s harbour or in Bangkok the performance takes place on Lenin square – the central square of Voronezh-city.

The machine has almost human movements and in harmony with the choreography of the dancer. The metaphor is legible, it’s matter of accept that the world is under construction, in motion for the worth and the better…

Dominique BOIVIN, choreographer, artistic director:

"Is it a child’s dream? Is it the idea of rediscovering oneself after many years with one’s toy excavator? By creating this duo, I possibly wished to relive those childhood moments where proportions take on another dimension, and where the street becomes an extravagant playground.

Thanks to its gigantic size, the machine creates tension with the dancer’s body. It is an unexpected encounter, a duo between man and machine. Developing the functional and dynamic aspects of the excavator interests me because it suggests another image, that of a human arm taking, repulsing and cajoling!

The rotation of the machine is a generous and impressive movement, which calls to mind both the implacable precision of the mechanism as well as the spinning of a merry-go-round. The bucket, whose function is to scratch, to carry and to discharge, becomes by poetic licence a hand, which removes, raises and protects. 

Coming back once more to childhood, one recalls without too much difficulty the circus, the trainer bonding not only with wild, ferocious animals but also in a strange and extraordinary way bonding with the audience: elephant, tiger, King Kong, there is a touch of something of the untamed in this machine. The excavator and the dancer? The beginning of an opera, a lyric and a dream-like song almost universal in character bringing to mind the tragedy of Romeo and Juliette."

The production company BEAU GESTE was created in 1981 by seven dancers from the Centre National de Danse Contemporaine (National Centre of Contemporary Dance). Putting the emphasis on each dancer’s unique personality and movement – BEAU GESTE ventures into multiple performance styles: solos, cabarets, variety shows, dance conferences… all opportunities to affirm a taste for diversity, distance and humour.

The performance Transports Exceptionnels made 600 shows since their creation in 2005. The show continues its journey across the world after having been performed in more than 40 countries.

«Transports Exceptionnels is a rare moment in time… The harmonious «pas de deux» is an aria with perfect rythm, and is minutely choreographed thanks to the excavator driver. The machine’s arm lifts the dancer in the air, draws him in, and pushes him away, then whirls around madly barely missing the human being who then turns into a toreador. The basket of the excavator becomes a nest, or a baby’s crib».
Libération (2006)

«This is great theatre because it transcends the spectacle and danger and manipulates the audience into almost Disney-esque anthropomorphism with the digger. Most man-machine interactions in literature are dehumanising in a Metropolis, Brave New World kind of way».
Charlotte Kasner, http://www.ballet.co.uk/

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