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17 June

Rezo Gabriadze: "I consider myself a painter"



Rezo Gabriadze, writer, artist, director, playwright, puppeteer, author of the script for more than 30 films, including the famous "Mimino" and "Kin-Dza-Dza", and the founder of the Marionette Theatre in Tbilisi, at the press conference spoke about the importance of wonder and chance in human life.

At the beginning Rezo Gabriadze shared his impressions of the Voronezh:

- I have a feeling of the seaside city. Perhaps this is because of the summer weather, wind, which walks by nicely. And because some of the streets end in open space. Space - the main architectural value. Voronezh seems a very young city. There is some young rudeness in it.

Gabriadze told that he started as a journalist and got in the film production by accident – and for twelve years.

- There are movies which I regret, and those that I would like to watch again… I came into to the theatre when I was over forty. When city officials asked what I was going to do in the theatre, I accidentally said "puppets". So I became a hostage of my puppets.

Rezo Gabriadze suggested that Platonov’s «Chevengur» works well for the puppet theatre because of its unglamorous, rough structure.

- The art of Rezo Gabriadze gives a sense of dreamy attitude to life, - said Marina Dmitrevsky. - It's a kind of illusion. We lack illusion, that’s why all the hearts are opened to this art.