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11 June

The famous director Lev Dodin held an artistic meeting on the Festival



Lev Dodin started the meeting by saying that he didn’t not have the ultimate truth, but ready to share with the life experience, the vision of the theatrical situation.


First of all, the audience asked the secret of success. The director said that in our time this concept has a strange sense. Often, successful people are deeply unsuccessful. They are engaged in the life of this nonsense and regularly demonstrate their stupidity. For Dodin the inner satisfaction is more important.

The director said that the theatre is one of the most important tools in upbringing. Maybe the youth doesn’t have the words to express its impression. But if there is a desire and understanding, there will come a language to express complex concepts and associations.

- The theatre allows a person not to feel lonely - at least for a moment.

Dodin’s performances don’t born so easy. According to him, we must always strive for perfection. It is not possible, but you should not stop trying. We must constantly ask questions. And it must be clear about which side are you on - good or evil. People are not perfect, but remain faithful to the highest ideals.

Grateful hall awarded director with applause.

- Thank you for coming, - said Lev Dodin. - It is very important for me.