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9 June

The press conference with the authors of the "Happiness" from Ukraine and the musical duet from Japan was held in the Petrovsky Book club


Alexander Kryzhanovsky, the artistic director of the New Drama Theatre on Pechersk from Kiev, the director of the "Happiness" Andrey Bilous, as well as Sayaka Syodzi (violin) and Yu Kosuge (piano), the musicians from Japan, participated in the press conference in the afternoon.

Alexander Kryzhanovsky told about the difficult road of the famous theatre that was formed from the  Kyiv University of Theatre.


- Now Theatre on Pechersk worked with many theaters in Kiev. We invite actors, directors, working on international projects with the Swedish, British, Italian theatrical figures. I am very pleased that Andrey Bilous came to us.


Andriy Bilous, director of the play "Happiness" on a story by Platonov's "The River Potudan", explained that he was trying to convey in the play and the first-born primitive feelings and sensations.

At that same evening the performance "Happiness" was shown the audience at the Chamber Theatre. The play, which became the Russian premiere at the festival, is the winner of the Theatre Award "Kyiv Pectoral" in the category "Best Performance in 2011" and "Best Newcomer 2011" (Nikita Firsov performed by Boris Orlov).

- We are in Voronezh for the first time, - told Yu Kosuge, - and we are glad we can act on one stage with talented musicians and well-known theater groups.

- The audience set the tone and mood of the concert and inspires us, - Sayaka Shoji continued. - We rarely going together, about once a year, and now it is a great chance to show something new.

This evening the first children's show at the Festival was performed. It was "Who are you? I know you!" created on the works of Andrey Platonov by the Puppet Theatre from Kirov directed by Vladimir Zlobin.