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14 May

The festival night will come on June 15


"BRAINSTORM", Latvia. Photo: PHOTOSpress.ru


Tbilisi Marionette Theatre will show the legendary performance by Rezo Gabriadze «Autumn of My Springtime» on the stage of the Chamber Theatre at 9 pm.

The grand concert of two well-known European groups – Norwegian indie-rock group from Bergen KAKKMADDAFAKKA and famous BRAINSTORM (Latvia) will take place in Admiralteisky square at 9.30 pm.

The literary evening will open in the culture centre «Illusion» which will be dedicated to Boris Poplavsky, an avant-garde Russian poet of the beginning of the XX century at 10 pm. The literary composition performed by the actor of the Chamber Theatre Boris Alexeev will include fragments of the diary notes, biography facts, memories of contemporaries as well as compositions by Poplavsky from the series «Automatic poetry».

The popular in USA quartet «Lucidus» will perform with the avant-garde singer and composer, Russian American Alisa Apreleva on the stage of the summer theatre of the park «Alye Parusa» on the left bank of the Voronezh Reservoir at 11 pm.

In two Voronezh libraries – named after Platonov and named after Nikitin – during the night from 15th to 16th special events that everyone will be able to attend up to 12.30 am will take place. Festival Directorate will tell more about them later.

Visitors of two exhibition halls will be able to see the projects of visual programme of the festival until late at night. Two exhibitions will be opened in the hall of the Museum named after Kramskoy: «Other Art» where the informal compositions of fine art will be presented and the exhibition of famous photographs from the collection of Air France «Stars between the heaven and the earth. Fleeting glances». An exhibition of sculptures of the famous Russian master Lazar Gadaev will take place in the Exhibition Hall of Union of Artists at Kirov st. The exhibition halls will be open until 1 am.