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4 May

"Automatic poems" by Boris Poplavsky will be presented at the Festival by the actor Boris Alexeev



The literary Festival project will reveal the name of Boris Poplavsky (1903 - 1935), a prominent avant-garde poet and novelist of Russian emigration,  "the prince of the kingdom Montparnasse". The idea of the project belongs to the Head of the Festival Mikhail Bychkov.


- It will be not a performance, but a literary composition with certain scenic elements, - tells about the project its author and performer Boris Alexeev.

This literary evening dedicated to Boris Poplavsky will include fragments of the diary, biography facts, memoirs of contemporaries and compositions from the series "Automatic poetry".

In 1930 Boris Poplavsky was considered one of the main hopes of the Russian literature of the first wave of emigration, despite the fact that he led a bohemian unsettled life. The poet ahead of his time, so the interest of publishers increased only in 80-90s. "He was a distant violin among the close balalaikas" - told about Poplavsky Vladimir Nabokov, and half-century later the magazine «Znamya» wrote: "In fact, only now we face with the works of Poplavsky and can estimate its scale".

Poplavsky is the author of the poetry collection "Flags" (1931) and the posthumously published collections of "Snow Hour" (1936), "The wreath of Wax" (1938), "The airship is an unknown direction" (1965), as well as novels, "Apollo outrage" (1932) and "Home to Heaven" (excerpts appeared in 1936-1938, a complete edition in 1993).

The book "Automatic poetry" has been prepared for publication by the author, but was not published. 65 years after the creation the "Automatic poetry" (that wasn’t exist until the end of the last century even for the experts) was found in a Paris archive of poet’s friends Tatischevy, and the book was published only in 1999.

Literary evening will be presented in the cultural center "Illusion" June, 15 at 22:00 (under the program "Festival Night"), and June, 16 at 21:00.