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19 April

Platonov’s characters in the etchings by Dmitry Kondratyev

Kondratyev's illustration to the Platonov's novel "The Sea of Youth". 1991

Dmitry Kondratyev (1908-2008) began to refer to Platonov's images in the 1970’s - when it was very difficult to find any Platonov’s editions. There are few Platonov illustrations created by Kondratyev because his allegorical and grotesque works were not performed on the occasion – but on the needs of the soul.

- His heroes are people who are not tied to a particular place. They can be characterized not through the places they live in, but through the special «intimacy», immersion in themselves. This human type was introduced to the culture by Andrey Platonov, - says Voronezh University Professor Tamara Dyakova in the essay on the spiritual relationship between Platonov and Kondratyev.

Some of the works to be included in the festival exhibition were donated to the Kramskoy’s Art museum by the artist's widow in 2011.

- When you look into the art space of Kondratyev’s etching, it seems that you hear the speech of the Platonov’s literary characters. The writer’s language and the artist’s art are very similar, - says about the director of the Kramskoy’s museum Vladimir Dobromirov.

Dmitry Kondratyev will be the fifth artist whose illustrations will be included in the festival exhibition «Platonov in the graphic arts».