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13 April

Unique illustrations by Mikhail Verholantsev will be included in the Festival exhibition «Platonov in the graphic arts»

Illustrations of Platonov by Mikhail Verholantsev 


Moscow artist Mikhail Verholantsev works in the field of applied and easel graphics, design and painting. Among his awards are the awards and medals of the international biennale of graphics in Russia, Italy, Switzerland, Denmark, Belgium, Turkey, Poland and China. The artist was awarded the silver medal of the Russian Academy of Arts, the Gold Medal of the Creative Union of Artists of Russia and many others. Verholantsev was a member of the international congresses of small graphics FISAE in 1988, 2002, 2004, 2006, 2010 in Russia, Denmark, Austria, Switzerland and Turkey.

28 drawings by Verholantsev will be the part of the visual program. The works were created for the collector's edition «Epifan Locks» by Andrey Platonov. The book was published in 2009 in publishing house «Deich» edition of 99. Exclusive images were made in the technique of ink, pen, pencil, blur and mixed media.

Mikhail Verholantsev: «I saw Platonov’s characters with my own eyes, I talked to them and I was a friend of them. That’s why I find it wrong to illustrate Platonov using interesting formalistic techniques. Platonov was an artist with an open mind and his works should be illustrated directly, without any pretensions to significance. The basic idea of ​​Platonov is that the proletariat lives as complex intellectual life as the upper classes. In short, the worker has the gene of Confucius».