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5 April

RIVER OF TIME by Irina Zatulovskaya will be the part of the Festival program of visual art


Zatulovskaya's work dedicated to Andrey Platonov. «Platon, Platonov and Mandelstam». 2008

Irina Zatulovskaya is sometimes called «Harms in the painting» because of her absurd (at first glance) choice of material. The artist writes on the old boards, mirrors, tin, and even on the rocks, returning to a life things that were unnecessary.

Zatulovskaya’s Festival project RIVER OF TIME will consist of paintings and graphic works, previously written and created especially for the Platonov Festival. The project will also include a presentation of the book - Bashkir folk tale «The grateful hare» in processing of Andrey Platonov with illustrations by Zatulovskaya.

The image of Andrey Platonov has repeatedly appeared in the works of well-known Moscow artist. In 2008 Zatulovskaya wrote 17 works for her solo exhibition «Platon, Platonov and Mandelstam» in Voronezh gallery H.L.A.M., and a portrait of Platonov on the washboard was the part of a series «Russian writers and poets». This extraordinary portrait will be presented at the exhibition RIVER OF TIME.

The project opens June 9, 2012 at 16:00 in the gallery H.L.A.M.