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3 April

«Platonov in the graphic arts» will be the part of the Festival visual program

Kirill Sokolov. The illustration to Platonov's novel «The Foundation Pit». 2000

The exhibition «Platonov in the graphic arts» will open June 8, 2012 in the Museum named after Kramskoy.  There will be presented graphic works of contemporary Platonov’s illustrators - Kirill Sokolov, Alexander Antonov, Nikolay Popov.

The exhibition will include 11 graphic works from the collections of the Pushkin State Museum of Fine Arts created by artist and sculptor, a member of the Royal Academy of Arts, UK Kirill Sokolov (1930 - 2004). He produced a number of illustrations to Andrey Platonov's novel «The Foundation Pit».  Many of these – two 1991 drypoints and nine 2000 drawings lifted and printed from wax crayon orginals (artist's technique) – are now in the collection of the Pushkin Museum in Moscow.  

Graphic artist, painter and cartoonist, Honored Artist of Russia Nikolay Popov will present his illustrations to Platonov's «Noah's Ark», published in «Vagrius» in 2006, and a few lithographs based on the novel «The River Potudan». Popov has won many awards for his graphic works.

Alexander Antonov’s works made in ink and whitewash will also be the part of exhibition. The works are based on «The Foundation Pit», «Chevengur», stories and plays by Andrey Platonov. Antonov works in a genre of unique graphics, book illustrations and etchings.

Exhibition will become the part of memorial Platonov Festival program and will be open until June 30, 2012.