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6 March

Actual art - to the masses!


"The Rite of Spring", The Grenoble National Choreographic Centre, Grenoble, France. Choreographer - Jean-Claude Gallotta

Interesting fact: the THIRD part of tickets to performances and concerts of the Platonov Festival was sold in THREE weeks after the start of ticket sales and THREE months before the festival.


Irony of it is that the most passive part of the festival audience is youth. And the events of the program of actual art designed for advanced audience don’t attract much attention.

So, it is necessary to clarify some facts. To say that «A Piece on Mother and the Fatherland» of Theatre Polski from Wroclaw is not a concert dedicated to the Congress of the Communist Party but the surreal and intelligent show directed by one of the young European leaders Jan Klata.

In contrast to the Festival 2011, where masterpieces of choreography, the performances «Daphnis and Chloe» and «The Rite of Spring» by the famous French choreographer Jean-Claude Galotta are also included in the program of actual art, where there is space for experiment, for something « free, sensual, fun, wild and mischievous».

We must say that the project «Bezonders» will be presented by the real «musical alchemists» of avant-garde contemporary music - the leader of the «AUCTION» Leonid Fedorov and jazz bassist Vladimir Volkov.

Nevertheless, more than 3500 tickets have been sold, and we hope that with the coming of spring will appear an interest to fresh, actual art.