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28 October

Wooden sculptures by Sergey Gorshkov settled for winter in Platonov Festival office


Sculptures made by famous Voronezh artist Sergey Gorshkov has settled in the International Platonov Festival Directorate.

- Works from the series "Flowers", "The Women" and "The Banquet" we have chosen together with the Head of the Festival Mikhail Bychkov, - says Sergey Gorshkov. – We wanted to create a kind of winter garden - where you could feel yourself cozy and warm in the cold season.

Carved wooden flowers, female nudes, vegetables, birds, watermelon slices and even bottles of champagne are made in the traditional author's naive manner - they are disproportionate  and painted in bright colors.

Wooden sculptures by Gorshkov took place on 10 podiums along the windows - and now everyone can see them, just walking down the Teatralnaya street.