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23 June

ATC: The Platonov Festival has become a unique phenomenon not only in Russian, but also in the world's cultural context


The Association of Theater Critics in working group of Anna Galayda, Alexey Kiselev, Sergey Konayev, Kristina Matvienko, Gleb Sitkovskiy, Maria Khalizeva, Alla Shenderova and Natalya Shainyan (invited specialist) have analyzed the theatrical programme of the Eighth Platonov Festival and prepared an expert opinion giving evaluation to the programme level.

The experts have come to the conclusion that “In 2018 the Platonov Festival presented an impressive and highly competitive programme in relation to other world’s festivals. Performances, exhibitions and other high artistic level events presented at the Festival put Voronezh on a par with the famous cities of the world, where such showcases are held  such as Avignon and Edinburgh, Paris and Berlin. The Platonov Arts Festival in seven years of its existence has become a unique phenomenon not only in Russia but also in the world’s cultural context thanks to the work of its entire team and primarily thanks to its artistic director Mikhail Bychkov.”

The members of the Association of Theater Critics’ working group underline that “the Festival which is organized outside the two capitals has no equivalents in other regions of Russia and brings a great contribution to the policy of Russian culture decentralization.

Moscow, June 23, 2018

The source: http://teacrit.ru/?section=254