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15 June

Alexey Varlamov met with readers at the Voronezh library named after Platonov

Alexey Varlamov shared his thoughts about Platonov's life and heritage with Voronezh readers. He is the author of the last biographical book - "Andrey Platonov" published this year in Moscow. "I think Platonov is the most significant writer of the 20th century. His genius - not a gift, but a diagnosis that leads to hard consequences for the writer. I avoided writing about Platonov for a long time because I deeply love his work. There are many good scientific books about Platonov, but they cover different periods of his life, set out different interpretations of his personality, including "Platonov, a rebel", "Platonov in search of happiness, the so-called "split Platonov". I wanted to show some integrity."