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13 June

Meet-the-artist Event with Vladimir Martynov


On June 16, 19:00, Voronezh Concert Hall hosts a meet-the-artist event with the composer Vladimir Martynov and presentation of his book Silence As If for Half an Hour. Letters from Nefeli in the upper lobby.

At 20:00, after the event, The Old Man and the Sea is shown on the big stage of Voronezh Concert Hall. The music for the performance was written by Vladimir Martynov. You can attend the meeting event by the show tickets or by registering at the link.

Vladimir Martynov is a Russian composer, music historian and philosopher. He has written music for more than 50 films. His music was played by Gidon Kremer, Aleksey Lyubimov, Mark Pekarsky, Anton Batagov, the Dmitri Pokrovsky Ensemble, Kronos Quartet, Roman Miroshnichenko etc. Festival guests could already listen to one of his works played by Kronos Quartet.

Book abstract:

Why do we live in a fake reality which turns historical events into nothing and devalues art? Vladimir Martynov’s new book is not the first one to approach this theme. The author develops the Fukuyama’s concept of the end of history in a new way, leading us to an idea that it is not just history that has ended, it is the time of great history makers. Their place has been taken by a new generation who substitutes an idea of serving with an idea of servicing. The inevitability of such changes will become clearer if we link the development stages of the Western European civilization with the Indian caste system and remember that servants shudras are already on the heels of creators vaishyas. Can we change the logic of our time and what should we need if we feel like we belong to the past? These and many other questions are answered in the book. Martynov’s Letters are, as usual, intimate and topical but in the first place, it’s 64 short letters to the old friend – the pet cat, one of the only dear friends he can be open with.