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13 June

Tall Heights Concert on the Chernavskiy Bridge Dam


Today at 21:00 the American folk band Tall Heights will play on the Chernavskiy Bridge Dam.

Some useful information for you:

• The stage is marked on the map in red. You can get to the dam both from the right and the left banks, there will be ticket control points on both sides. You can use directional signs or address volunteers who will be able to help you to get to the venue.

• Free parking lot is marked on the map in blue. Its capacity is about 50 cars.

• The nearest bus stops are Chernavskiy Bridge (from the right bank) and Dimitrova (from the left bank).

• The concert is on a beach. The seating is free, same as in the White Well, so we recommend you to bring blankets or folding chairs with you.

• In the evening the weather will be nice and sunny, however the sand might not get dry enough yet after the morning rain. We also recommend you to bring warm clothes as it can be rather cool near water after the sunset.

• A food court will work at the venue. You cannot bring alcohol and glass bottles with you.

• The show was sold out yesterday but we managed to add a few more tickets. You can buy them on the concert day for 1500 rubles at platonovfest.com or at the entrance. Hurry up to get your ticket as there are very few left.