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8 June

June, 8 - the third day of the festival


"Last Clown on Earth". Photo: Andrey Parfyonov

In the afternoon, a press conference with Pippo Delbono and Anton Adasinsky,the creators of the plays "Tales of June" and "Last Clown on Earth", was held in the House of Journalists. They shared their opinion on the plays and their personal rules of artistic life.


An exhibition "NAÏVE ... NO: Pirosmani and company!" featuring the collection of Moscow Museum of Modern Art was inaugurated at the exhibition hall at 8, Kirova Street. Visitors were shown the display of works of Niko Pirosmani, Henri Rousseau, Pavel Leonov, Katya Medvedeva, Vladimir Zaznobin and Elena Volkova as well as the art of Russian avant-garde classics, the works of 1980s generation artists and contemporary artists who entered Russian art scene in 1990-2000s. Later on, an opening ceremony of "Different Trains. French Contemporary Dance in Russia", a photography exhibition of Vladimir Lupovsky’s works, was held in the Voronezh Opera and Ballet Theatre. It was prepared withing the framework of the project celebrating the 25 Years anniversary of the French
contemporary dance in Russia.

In the evening, Julian Steckel, a cellist, gave a concert in the Philharmonic Hall. He performed with the Voronezh Academic Symphony Orchestra conducted by Vladimir Verbitsky.

The spectators of the Opera and Ballet Theatre watched the play "100% Voronezh". Anton Adasinsky from the DEREVO Theatre, Germany, presented his new play "Last Clown on Earth" in the Voronezh Theatre For Young Spectators. Pippo Delbono performed in the play "Tales of June" in the Chamber Theatre.

Another film screening took place in the Governor’s House Art Centre within the framework of the programme "Mikhail Chekhov in world’s cinema. A retrospective of films featuring a great actor". The audience watched the film "Man from the restaurant" (directed by Yakov Protazanov).