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7 June

June, 7 - the second day of the festival

"O-y. Late Love". Photo: Konstantin Kariakidi

Two press conferences, three plays, two meetings within the framework of the literature programme, a film screening as well as opening ceremonies of the art centre and two exhibitions have been held today.


The first press conference dealt with the play "O-y. Late Love". The journalists talked to the director Dmitriy Krymov, to the general director of the Golden Mask Festival Maria Revyakina and to the artistic director of the Platonov Festival Mikhail Bychkov.

The second press conference featured Julian Steckel, a German cellist, who told about his work and music programme of the festival concert.

In the afternoon, the guests were shown two plays: "La Verità" in the Voronezh Concert Hall and "O-y. Late Love" in the Koltsov Drama Theatre. After the play "La Verità" a book by Facundo Ponce de Leon "Theatre of the Caress" about Daniele Finzi Pasca was presented in the Voronezh Concert Hall.

La Verita (с) Elena Nechaeva

There was also an opening ceremony of the Governor’s House Art Centre and of the exhibition "The Foundation Pit" of an artist Mikhail Roshnyak (Moscow). A bit later an exhibition "Eduard Kochergin's theatre. Dostoevsky, Chekhov, Tolstoy" was inaugurated in the gallery of the Voronezh Chamber Theatre.


At the same day two meetings with artist were held: "That who is you" with a poet Vanni Byankoni in the Governor’s House and with a director Dmitriy Krymov at the small stage of the Koltsov Drama Theatre.

In the evening, the audience watched again the plays "100% Voronezh", "La Verità" and "O-y. Late Love".

The admirers of the cinema watched a documentary "Hollywood Smile of Mikhail Chekhov" within the framework of the programme "Mikhail Chekhov in world’s cinema".