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10 June

June, 10 - the fifth day of the festival


Worl Music in White Well. Photo: Kristina Brazhnikova

In the morning, a press conference with the musicians of the Kronos Quartet was held in the House of Journalists. Sunny Yang, Hunk Datt, John Sherba and David Harrington told the media about their work on soundtracks to the famous films as well as about the programme of their concert at the Platonov Festival.

Yuriy Butusov, the director of the play "Macbeth. Film", and Laura Pitskhelauri, an actress of the Lensoviet Theatre, became guests of the second press conference. 

At noon, the opening ceremony of the Book Fare was held in the Soviet square. This year over 130 Russian independent publishing houses from Moscow, Saint-Petersburg and Voronezh presented their books.

In the afternoon, the small stage of the Chamber Theatre became a venue for the readings of modern drama. Olga Lapshina, an actress, read a play by Elena Gremina "150 Reasons Not to Defend Your Motherland". Asia Voloshina, a playwright,  read her new play "Denmark Prison".

Voronezh Theatre For Young Spectators hosted the audience of the first “Platonov Programme” play "The Cow" prepared by the G.R. Trostyanetsky’s Theatre Studio.

In the evening, admirers of William Shakespeare watched a play by Yuriy Butusov "Macbeth. Film" in the Voronezh Concert Hall. A play was performed within the cooperation with the Golden Mask Festival.

Poetry readings by Yuli Gugolev were held in the Governor’s Art House. It was followed by a film screening within the framework of the programme "Mikhail Chekhov in world’s cinema". The audience watched extracts from American films featuring a great actor Mikhail Chekhov.

World Music was played in the White Well chalk quarry. A spectacular open-air venue hosted Morgane Jia French singer; Saint Sisteran Irish electro-folk duo, and Lola Marsh, a dream-pop band from Tel-Aviv.