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29 May

Modern Drama Readings

Elena Gremina

Theatre-Plus programme continues to introduce spectators to the new drama: this time, in the format of authors’ readings.

Once again Platonov Festival introduces the modern drama as part of its Theatre-Plus programme. The cycle of readings, which will be held on June 10 to 12, brings together plays written by Russian female playwrights and is dedicated to the renowned Russian playwright Elena Gremina, the founder of the Teatr.doc, its head and director.

The plays are read by the authors themselves. Elena Gremina’s play will be read by the theatre and film actress Olga Lapshina, who has worked with the Teatr.doc.

All readings are held on the Chamber Theatre’s small stage. Entrance is free of charge, preliminary registration is required


June 10


Elena Gremina, 150 Reasons Not to Defend the Homeland

Read by Olga Lapshina



Asya Voloshina, Denmark the Prison

Read by the author


June 11


Irina Vaskovskaya, March

Read by the author


June 12


Yaroslava Pulinovich, Never-ending April

Read by the author


Kristina Matvienko

The general concept of the reading has been articulated by the project curator Kristina Matvienko:

”When men are no longer there, it’s women’s turn to tell stories,” states Elena Gremina’s play 150 Reasons Not to Defend the Homeland. This year’s festival event is dedicated to the late Gremina as an artist who believed that the good would eventually triumph over the evil and that there is hope for the weak. Let us also try to believe in that as everything Gremina did embodied humanitarian pathos in society and art.

The play or the stage text is the most significant part of the modern theatre, not because today’s theatre is built upon the text but because authors sharing time and destiny with us speak so clearly and openly about the pain and the joy of the world.

Playwrights cannot be silent: neither was Elena Gremina who created Teatr.doc as a place for speaking freely and protecting the justice and the person from the state.

The readings programme consists of fours plays, each having its own face and stage incarnation. Elena Gremina’s historical and ultra-modern play 150 Reasons Not to Defend the Homeland is read by the actress Olga Lapshina. Three young authors: Natalia Skorokhod’s student Asya Voloshina and two of Nikolai Kolyada’s students Irina Vaskovskaya and Yaroslava Pulinovich read their own texts, claiming the author’s presence the most interesting part of modern art.

The most “female” and existential play in the programme is Irina Vaskovskaya’s March, a mix of emotions and thoughts about loneliness. Never-ending April by Yaroslava Pulinovich is a warm gaze into the past determining the present. Asya Voloshina will present her latest play Denmark the Prison where brutal events frame the characters’ attempt to speak about themselves.