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12 May

Anatoly Vasilyev And Alla Demidova Are The Laureates Of 2018 Platonov Award


The final meeting of Platonov Award Council was held today in the building of Voronezh Oblast government.

Theatre director Anatoly Vasilyev and actress Alla Demidova became the laureates of the Award. They were chosen for their “fearlessness and dignity in art”. The award ceremony will take place on 15 June as part of Platonov Arts Festival.

Anatoly Vasilyev is a legendary Soviet and Russian theatre director, founder of “School of Dramatic Art” theatre. Since 2006 he has also been staging performances abroad: in theatres Comedie-Francaise, Odeon, Bouffes du Nord, etc. Vasilyev’s “The Old Man and the Sea”, his first Russian play in over ten years, will be shown at Platonov Arts Festival.

Alla Demidova is an outstanding theatre and film actress, author of several books and concert programmes, People’s Artist of the RSFSR. She has played in performances by Yuri Lyubimov, Roman Viktyuk, Theodoros Terzopoulos, Anatoly Vasilyev.

Platonov Award is awarded annually for the significant contribution to cultural heritage of the Russian Federation, for creation of outstanding works of literature, theatre, music, visual arts and for innovative development of humanistic and cultural traditions.

The amount of the award is 1 million rubles. This year it will be divided between the two laureates.

The members of Platonov Award Council are:

  •  Aleksandr Gusev, acting governor of Voronezh Oblast, president of the Council; 
  • Emilia Sukhacheva, head of the Department of Culture of Voronezh Oblast; 
  • Mikhail Bychkov, theatre director, art director of Platonov Arts Festival; 
  • Natalia Kornienko, literary historian, head of the Platonov group in the Gorky Institute of World Literature;
  • Elena Shubina, head of modern prose department in “AST Publishing House”;
  • Vladimir Vasilyev, choreographer, People’s Artist of the USSR;
  • Alexei Varlamov, writer, member of the Presidium of the Presidential Council for Culture and Art;
  • Nikolay Simonov, stage designer, Honoured Artist of the Russian Federation;
  • Marina Davydova, theatre critic, chief editor of “Theatre” magazine, art director of the NET festival;
  • Aleksandr Vislov, theatre critic, editor of “Voprosy teatra” (“Theatre issues”) magazine;
  • Evgeny Trembovelsky, music historian, honorary member of the Union of Composers of the Russian Federation;
  • Ivan Schelokov, poet, president of Voronezh regional branch of the Union of Russian Writers, member of the Russian Union of Journalists;
  •  Viktor Rudenko, director and chief editor of “Kommuna” newspaper.