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10 May

Literature programme

Leonid Yuzefovich


Platonov Arts Festival Literary programmes this year: meet-the-artist events with Leonid Yuzefovich, Eduard Kochergin and Marina Davydova, The Bookshelf ("Polka") project presentation, three poetry recitals, launch of the new edition of the novel Happy Moscow illustrated by Pavel Pepperstein and issued by Platonov Festival, the first presentation of a book about Daniele Finzi Pasca.

Admission to all meet-the-artist events is free.     

Vanni Bianconi

Poetry recital "He who is you"

7 June 17:00

Venue: Art Centre Governor's House

One of the brightest young poets of Switzerland Vanni Bianconi will present his new poetry collection "Favorites. He who is you". Petr Epifanov, the translator of Vanni Bianconi’s book of poems and the book written by Facundo Ponce de Leon “Theatre of the Caress” will also be taking part in the event. He's made a name for himself as the translator of the "Tale of Tales" written by Giambattista Basile.

Supported by The Swiss Arts Council Pro Helvetia.   


Facundo Ponce De Leon

Presentation of the book “Theatre of the Caress”

7 June 13:00

Venue: Voronezh Concert Hall

The book consists of a series of conversations with director Daniele Finzi Pasca about his artistic method. The edition is brand new, and its first presentation will take place in Voronezh, at the Platonov Festival. Apart from the author and the translator Petr Epifanov, the editor Elena Shubina, on whose initiative the book was published in Russia, will be taking part in the meet-the-artist event. We also expect to see there the main hero of the book - Daniele Finzi Pasca.

Eduard Kochergin


Eduard Kochergin

Meet-the-artist event

8 June 17:00

Venue: Art Centre "Governor's House"

Eduard Kochergin is a theatre artist, writer, best-selling author of "Angel's Doll: Stories of a Drawing Man", "Christened with Crosses: taking notes on knees", "Tales of Shishov Lane: Vasileostrovsky Parables", "Russia, who is to blame? " and others.


Pavel Pepperstein

Presentation of a new edition of Andrey Platonov’s novel "Happy Moscow"

9 June 16:00

Venue: Art Centre "Governor's House"

Platonov Festival presents its own edition of the novel "Happy Moscow" written by Andrei Platonov and issued in 2018. The illustrator is Pavel Pepperstein.

Pavel Pepperstein is an artist and a writer, the author of the book "The Myth-generating Love of Castes ", "Old Man's Diet", "Svastika and the Pentagon", "Spring", "A Prague Night".


Yuly Gugolev

Poetry recital

10 June 18:00

Venue: Art Centre "Governor's House"

Yuliy Gugolev is a poet, author of the book "Complete. Works", "Travel notifications", "Natural Selection". He is the author of a new translation of the "Threepenny Opera" created by Bertold Brecht for the Chekhov Moscow Art Theatre (director - Kirill Serebrennikov).


Leonid Yuzefovich

Meet-the-artist event

11 June 18:00

Venue: Art Centre "Governor's House"

Leonid Yuzefovich is the author of the novel "Prince of the Wind", "The Sovereign of the Desert", "Casarosa", "Cranes and Dwarfs", "The Winter Road" and other works.

He is an author of the Total Dictation 2017. He writes scripts for TV: he is the author of the script of The Death of the Empire series and many others.

Lev Oborin

Lev Oborin

Poetry recital

12 June 19:00

Venue: Art Centre "Governor's House"

Lev Oborin is a poet, translator, critic, editor of the project The Bookshelf ("Polka"). He is the author of the book "Tornado Behind the Forest", "Green Comb", "Mauna-kea", "Volumetric and in Color".


Presentation of the literary project The Bookshelf ("Polka") 

With the participation of one of the editors - the poet Lev Oborin

13 June 16:00

Venue: Art Centre “Governor's House”

The Bookshelf ("Polka") is an educational project about the most important works of Russian literature. It is an online tutorial on the history of literature with the detailed analysis of key Russian works, timelines, maps and answers to frequently asked questions.


Marina Davydova

Presentation of the book "Zero culture"

14 June 16:00

Venue: Art Centre "Governor's House"

Marina Davydova is a theatre theorist and theatre critic, editor-in-chief of the magazine "Theatre".

Her new book "Zero culture. Essays on Russian life and the European stage" is about the most important directors of the European theatre from Christoph Marthaler to Jan Fabre, and also about the main characters of the domestic scene: K. Bogomolov, D. Volkostrelov, K. Serebrennikov, B. Juhananov and others.

Guzel Yakhina


Guzel Yakhina

Meet-the-artist event and presentation of a new novel "My children!"

16 June 16:00

Venue: Art Center "Governor's House"

Guzel Yakhina is the author of the novel "Zuleikha Opens Her Eyes" and the Total Dictation 2018.

Her new novel "My Children!" is dedicated to the theme of the Volga Germans and talks about the fate of the German autonomy on the Volga in the period from 1916 to 1938.