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26 April

The Sheepray to take part in "100% Voronezh"


The documentary play "100% Voronezh", which will be shown at the opening of the Platonov Festival, will be joined by a Voronezh musical band The Sheepray. 

The band, in addition to its regular members – Nikita Bondarenko (electronics, keyboard), Oleg Salkov (bass) and Alexander Bityutskikh (drums) - will be strengthened by the vocalist of  Eva - Eva band Vika Urazova and saxophonist Denis Uspensky from duso project.

The Sheepray perform intellectual dance music, combining electronics and live instruments. They boldly experiment with sound, at the same time always remaining accessible to their listeners. The Sheepray is cosmic melodies of space disco and ultra-fast techno-rhythms: their music’s energy will keep you off your seats. The group has already performed several times at the Platonov Festival. 

"100% Voronezh" is a joint project of Rimini Protokoll and Platonov Arts Festival, which will be performed on the stage of Voronezh State Opera and Ballet Theatre on June 6, 7 and 8. One hundred real residents of the city of different ages and professions, ethnic backgrounds and income levels, with different views and life stories, living in different parts of the city will be taking part in the documentary. They are cast in accordance with statistics so that 1 person can represent 1% of the population of Voronezh. Together they will be tackling important problems of Voronezh life and trying to find solutions to them. 

"100% City" project of the Rimini Protokoll was held so far in over 30 metropolitan areas on 5 continents: from Philadelphia to Melbourne. It will be performed in Russia for the first time, and Voronezh will become the first "100% City" in our country. 

Tickets can be purchased on platonovfest.com website and at festival ticket offices.