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30 March

Pushkin Games: Duel-Parade at Platonov Festival

Theatres Parade, which annually marches along the Revolution Avenue on June the 12th, is changing its format. This time it will be a proper contemporary arts piece, a massive and coherent street performance. The concept of the parade, the sketches of arts objects and costumes are being created by the art-group KTOMY, led by a famous theatre artist Anastasia Nefedova.

The Theatre Parade has become the most large-scale event of Platonov Arts festival: last year over 15 000 spectators came to watch 11 companies and groups performing.

This year the Parade will be united by a single concept. The tailor-made project is being designed specifically for Platonov festival and with the Festival’s participation. For the first time the Festival, with the help of KTOMY, is about to create and do its own Parade.

Its theme will be Alexander Pushkin’s works, his rich biography and myths connected with his life. The great poet and his characters will be reinvented in the twenty-first century and will take to streets of a modern city. It will not be Pushkin’s classical images the way we are used to seeing them, but rather what his characters could be if they were living now, in the age of the Internet, mosaic thinking and mass culture.

Cyperpushkin – a sketch to a part of the parade

The parade will consist of 15 parts – 15 groups, with each one bringing to life one of Pushkin’s stories. All in all, at the parade there will be over 120 objects and characters. The participants will be acting out mini-plays, dancing, reciting poems, doing rock-concerts and interacting with the audience.

Why classify the genre as duel? Behind the parade’s concept lies an idea of a metaphysical duel between Pushkin the Creator and Pushkin the Person. The audience and Voronezh itself perform as the seconds, the witnesses of an on-going duel between the Artist and the Personality.

The parade is being invented and implemented by the art group KTOMY. Its art director and main ideas generator is Anastasia Nefedova – the lead artist at Electrotheatre STANISLAVSKIY, the holder of the Golden Mask award as the Best Costume artist in Musical Theatre (for an opera series Serliytsy), the author of over 350 complex and sophisticated costumes for the play The Blue Bird (directed by Boris Yukhananov), an artist for a number of large-scale television and cinema projects, an instructor and head of Theatre and Cinema Design department at Higher School of Economics Design School and an instructor at Individual Directing Workshop (MIR-5).

Other members of the art group are:

-      young directors, participants of Boris Yukhananov’s project Individual Directing Workshop MIR-5, Moscow;

-      young theatre artists and architects – alumni and students of British Higher School of Design, Moscow;

-      first year students of Theatre and Cinema Design department at Higher School of Economics Design School (Moscow) (the department is headed by Anastasia Nefedova and a famous graphic designer Igor Gurevich)

Dead Beauty – a sketch to a part of the parade

Later the Art Group KTOMY will be joined by artists from Electrotheatre STANISLAVSKIY as well as their Voronezh colleagues, who will be putting into life the designed costumes and objects.

Also, very soon we will be calling for volunteers to participate in the parade – try on Pushkin’s characters and ideas and perform in front of the huge many  thousand audience. We expect those volunteers to be actors studying at Voronezh Arts Academy, participants of Voronezh Drama and Circus groups, motorcyclists, roller skaters and stilt walkers.

We will be keeping you posted on the parts of the amazing and complex show in our further posts. Follow our news to learn more.

Duel-Parade Pushkin Games

June the 12th

Revolution Avenue – from Platonov monument to Pushkin monument

Free attendance