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31 January


(c) Viviana Cangialosi / Compagnia Finzi Pasca

15 performances from 7 countries: Mikhail Bychkov announced the theatre program of the Platonov Arts Festival, which will be held in Voronezh from June 6 to 17, 2018.

Today, January 31, at the press conference in the House of Journalists, the Artistic Director of the Festival, Mikhail Bychkov, announced the theatre program of the forum. There are 15 performances, very different and different from each other, different genres and theatrical languages, but many of them are united by a common theme: personality, a person, their struggle with the surrounding chaos, and also the love with which they confront evil.

Foreign performances

The VIII International Platonov Arts Festival will be opened with the premiere of the performance "100% Voronezh" - A joint project of the Rimini Protokoll (Germany-Switzerland) and the Platonov Arts Festival. It will be performed by real Voronezh residents rather than professional actors. At the moment, the first 20 participants of the show have already been found.

In the first days of the Festival, the performance of the Swiss director Daniele Finzi Pasca will be shown. La Verità combines acrobatics, theatre, dance, and music, inspired by a backdrop painted by Salvador Dalí for his Tristan fou (Mad Tristan) in the 1940’s in New York.

For the first time the International Platonov Arts Festival will present the name of the famous Italian director Pippo Delbono. The audience will see one of his most famous performances "Tales of June", with a triumph shown at the Avignon Festival and for ten years toured half the world.

"The Caucasian chalk circle"Berliner Ensemble

This year the Festival will host for the first time the legendary German "Berliner Ensemble" whose history is closely linked to the personality of the playwright, director and theatre reformer Bertolt Brecht. The play of Brecht "The Caucasian chalk circle" staged by Michael Thalheimer will be shown for the first time in Russia.

Another Italian performance "Vetri Contrari" produced by puppet theatre Is Mascareddas from Sardinia will be present at the end of the festival and will be shown for the first time in Russia.

Again the festival will be attended by the actor and director Anton Adasinskiy, the head of the theatre DEREVO in Dresden. This time he will show his new performance "Last clown on Earth."

Russian performances

This year the Platonov Festival continues its collaboration with the festival "Golden Mask". In the framework of the project "Festival "Golden Mask" in Voronezh" there will be shown performances of Dmitriy Krymov "Oh. Late love" and Yuriy Butusov "Macbeth. Film". Both productions are winners of the award "Golden Mask".

Residents of Voronezh are among the first to see the new performance of Anatoly Vasiliev "The Old Man and the Sea" by Hemingway. This performance, produced by Chekhov International Theatre Festival and Vakhtangov State Academic Theatre, was played in Moscow only 4 times. Iconic director Vasiliev has dedicated his first after a long break Russian performance in memory of the teacher – Yuri Lyubimov. From the author text read by Alla Demidova, People's Artist of Russia, a famous theatre and film actress.

Подпись“Autobiography” /  Company Wayne McGregor


 Every year the Platonov Arts Festival tries to include several dance performances in its program. This year works of the tow brightest artists of the contemporary world choreography – a French man Angelin Preljocaj and a British man Wayne McGregor

The new performance of Preljocaj “La Fresque” inspired by the famous eponymous Chinese story will be shown at our festival for the first time in Russia. Voronezh audience will also have a chance to see the fragments of the greatest performances of French choreographer, which brought him the World's success, at the program – Playlist#1  

The new work of Wayne McGregor “Autobiography” – is one of the most extraordinary in his portfolio. The performance is based on the genetic code of the choreographer, which was decoded especially for him by the leading scientists of the world. This stage production will be shown at the festival closing.

Platonov program

Traditionally performances based on Andrey Platonov works take part in the festival program.

This year there are three of such works. First of them is the performance “The Cow” staged by the students of the G.R. Trostyanetsky’s Theatre Studio, Russian State Institute of Performing Arts, Saint Petersburg

The Maxim Gorky Komi-Permyak Drama Theatre of the Kudymkar city will show the performance “When winter starts to warm up” based on the novels by Andrey Platonov and personal stories of the actors. And Drama Theatre Stefan Kirov, Sliven, Bulgaria will bring to Voronezh Сhamber theatre the performance “Semyon” which will be shown in Russia for the first time.

The music program will be announced in two weeks. The tickets for the performances and concerts will go on sale on 22 of February.